Fire Risk Assessors in Britain

fire extinguisher character as risk assessorFire safety legislation dictates that UK businesses must have a current fire-risk assessment. Our accredited assessors are available to assist you in meeting your requirements under the Fire Safety (Regulatory Reform) Order 2005.

The current regulations, in place since October 2006, repealed all previous acts. Before 2006 the Fire Authorities were largely prescriptive bodies insisting on certain levels of fire-precautions before issuing a fire certificate.

As a business owner it was fairly clear – Do what the fire authority requested and you were okay. Now there has been a major change in emphasis with the theme of ‘Responsibility’ and in particular ‘The Responsible Person’. A Fire Authority will no longer specify their requirements but they can inspect your premises and the precautions you have taken. They then have powers to issue prohibition or enforcement orders depending upon the severity of any non-compliance.

The Responsible Person

So who exactly is the responsible person?

Many business owners mistakenly think that they can pass all the responsibility on to a member of staff. They can devolve some responsibility but ultimately if you are a director, owner, MD, CEO then the buck stops with you.

The responsible person must ensure that anyone put in place to manage fire safety is competent to do so. Scottish fire legislation makes this clearer by replacing the phrase ‘Responsible Person’ with ‘Owner’.
A ‘Responsible Person’ however can be:

  1. A business owner, an employer or even a manager of a business for those areas that they control.
  2. A landlord or managing agent for the common area of building (such as the stairs and lobby of an apartment block).
  3. People in a multiple-occupancy building, like the self-employed people or perhaps a voluntary organization.
  4. Finally any other person who has a degree of control over a part of a building can also be classed as ‘the responsible person’.


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