How a fire warden training DVD saves companies money

Fire warden training - video learning on DVDAn independent survey of fire risk assessors revealed that one of the most common non-compliances was the lack of fire-warden training. The ‘Responsible Person’ within a business must ensure that staff who are designated to assist with fire safety are trained to do so.

Live fire warden / marshal training can be expensive therefore video-based training is a cost effective alternative. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires businesses to provide adequate fire safety training. In reality this means should you designate particular fire safety duties to staff then you must provide training to carry out those duties.

It is estimated that over 60% of UK businesses are not compliant with the latest UK fire Safety Legislation. However ignorance is no plea in a court-of-law. Considering over 70% of businesses that suffer a major fire never recover it is surprising how many businesses have no fire safety training in place.

Merely designating fire-safety roles without providing training can leave a business owner out on a limb.

Live fire warden training can be very costly therefore DVD training is a credible alternative. Also there are online learning alternatives and even downloadable guides, all of which are more acceptable than no provision at all.

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