There are businesses without any extinguishers but who ever heard of businesses with too many?

Too many fire extinguishers
Don’t get me wrong there are many qualified and extremely professional fire-safety engineers across Britain unfortunately though there are also many cowboys. When looking to provide extinguishers for a business it seems to make sense to ask an extinguisher company to tell you what you need. However the employment model for many companies is to pay engineers a very basic wage and a high commission which serves only to incentivise over-specification. It is a point well made in this blog from Harrogate Fire Extinguishers.

The best approach would be to carry out a fire risk assessment first. It is a mandatory requirement anyway so why not have a risk assessment carried out first? The result of the assessment should provide the answers relating to your extinguisher provision i.e. how many, in what positions, numbers and even if you need them at all.

It’s sad to acknowledge that fire safety companies may not be competent or highly incentivised to sell but it’s often the case.  So having an assessment first is one good approach if however you do want approach an extinguisher company then look for third-part approvals such as BAFE, FIA or FPA. Ask if staff are qualified and have undertaken FETA / FIA training and get more than one quotation. Ask how long the company has been in business.

It is extremely important that you have good fire-safety provision but it is not acceptable to be ripped-off in the name of compliance.