Fire Risk Assessments

men panicking about a fire risk assessmentA Fire Risk assessment is designed to help businesses identify all the potential fire risks and hazards in a building and plan for a fire emergency.

Despite being a legal requirement since 2006 many businesses do not comply with the ‘Fire Safety Order 2005’. UK businesses have so much legislation to comply with that fire safety can get lost in amongst.

Many people think it is taken care of under Health and Safety (which indeed addresses it) and are often surprised, on an inspection from the Fire Authority, to find they are in breach of fire-safety legislation.

It’s estimated that up to 60% of UK businesses are not even aware of the existence of the Fire Safety Order. Like driving a car without tax it doesn’t stop things functioning and so many businesses blissfully carry on but the penalties are far more severe than any driving offence.

Every business is required to carry out a fire risk assessment but only when there are five employees or more is there a requirement for it to be documented. However if you have four employees and get a visit from a fire officer would you be able to answer his questions satisfactorily?

Sign character breaking fire safety legislationIt is perfectly acceptable to carry out your own fire risk assessment and you can find lots of help and guidance on our free-resources page. However if you feel you lack the knowledge and competence or simply don’t want the legal responsibility then we are here to help.

All our assessors are FPA qualified and also hold the following qualifications: FETA approved for fire extinguisher design and servicing, FIA fire alarm trained for:  Unit 1 Fire Alarm Design, Unit 2 & 3 Advanced Fire Alarm Design, Unit 11 Domestic Dwelling Fire Alarm Design, ICEL Emergency Light Competent Engineer and City & Guilds 2377 PAT testing. Too many ‘Assessors’ have either no or scant qualifications. A half-day course really doesn’t cut the mustard!

Many companies are purporting to be assessors but give a tick-box deviation approach that leaves business owners scratching their head. To pay good money for help, advice and legal compliance and end up with a list of jargon stating non-compliances is what many so-called fire risk assessments provide.

Our approach is not broad-brush but understanding and competence in all the areas that impact a fire risk assessment. As part of the package we always arrange a follow-up visit to discuss the findings and plan affordable, practical and workable solutions. (e.g. Safety signs are mixed format European and British standard – answer ensure staff understand by either brief training session or memo – rather than ‘Replace all existing non-complaint safety signs’).

We are happy to give a no-obligation free quotation for a fire risk assessment for your business just call or fill in the request form.


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