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DSE Training DVD
A DSE Training DVD or online video is just one of the latest safety training requirements to opt for the training via video option.

In pure economic terms then safety training via video makes sense for UK companies as the comparative price for hands-on training requires much more capital investment.
There is probably little dispute between experts that should money be no object then practical, live training is undoubtedly the best option. However in most UK businesses ‘money no object’ is not the usual financial position.
Giving good health and safety training via a reasonably priced medium that can be used time and time again just makes good financial sense. However it has another distinct advantage – it’s logistically easy to set up and deliver and unlike practical trainers it doesn’t matter how few or many people you are training.
Many people would agree that as long as the training comes with a test of understanding then video training is a very practical solution. The test of understanding is very important without such it is unlikely to be legally accepted as training i.e. playing a DVD to staff without testing them afterwards proves nothing as they may have completely misunderstood the material.
Many subjects are now available as video training e.g. asbestos awareness, manual handling, fire warden, fire extinguisher and now Display Screen Equipment.

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